A Tribute to Jim Worster
The Doodle Series

March 26 – April 3, 2016

Abstract watercolors 1991-2004.

All paintings start as an abstract, focusing on the foundations of art: line, shapes, color, texture, value and composition. Unlike realism there are no visual references, no hills to look at and verify if the painted colors or shapes are right. The artist is completely on his own. As Jim Worster said: “It’s like flying a trapeze without a safety net.”

Jim died in 2014. THE DOODLE SERIES was started in 1991, when Jim was still in Colorado; it came from the time he would get drowsy in art history classes and began doodling to keep awake. The watercolors were finished during his first years in Matfield Green, Kansas. While living in the Flint Hills, Jim painted mostly non-abstract landscapes, and that is how most friends remember him, for his personal take of the prairie. Yet, Jim enjoyed looking at his watercolors even more than he loved the process of painting them. He said: “I feel abstract work is more honest. It doesn’t attempt to deceive the eye by pretending to be 3-dimensional. The painting succeeds only if a balance is achieved, a harmony.”

So, why have so few people seen Jim’s radiant abstract watercolors? He painted 50 of them in various sizes and hid them in a box we found in his house after his sudden death. No one knows why he stopped creating abstracts after his arrival in Kansas. Jim called painting them “a breath of fresh air” that changed his pace and added variety to his work; and he stated it expanded his artistic skills and abilities. We managed to save most of the 50 watercolors that, some say, deliver better proof of Jim’s great creative talent than his landscapes or portraits could. The Bank Art Space is proud to be able to present THE DOODLE SERIES as a tribute to a good friend and an active neighbor who is dearly missed in his Matfield Green community. Jim often reminded people that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Let’s honor him by looking carefully at this enjoyable work.