José Alvarado
Lines and Gestures

August 8 – September 27, 2015

Ever since José Alvarado was young he desired to reach beyond his own boundaries of understanding. “As I got older I began to admire the subtleties of life, where even the simplest of forces could shift the perception of reality.”

Fractured Reality - o/c - 72" x 48", 2013

Fractured Reality – o/c – 72″ x 48″, 2013While contemplating the construction of perception and the forces that govern it, Alvarado, born in Santa Monica, California and moved to Kansas at a young age, originally studied Aerospace Engineering. He obtained a dynamic understanding in the computer-aided design and mechanics of engineering and worked at the Walter H. Beech Wind Tunnel to developed hands on experience in developmental testing in aeronautics. Yet, he eventually found his creativity in a state of limitation. “I wanted to branch out my artistic abilities outside the confines of physics and mathematics. I realized that art contains no boundaries. As much as I enjoyed engineering, my passion of art took precedence.”

Alvarado now has a BFA in Studio Arts with an emphasis in painting and drawing from Wichita State University in Kansas. “I began noticing patterns between the physical and metaphysical and seeking out relational patterns composed in and around order and chaos.” The physical world became a construction, leaving Alvarado its architect. The arrangement of streets, sidewalks and buildings while creating a kind of order limits our sense of physical exploration. For Alvarado the chaotic beauty of coloring outside the lines became an important discovery, a way to contemplate such tensions as, for example, created by weeds protruding out of a cracked sidewalk. “Such physical framework is a reflection of how our consciousness constructs its own reality, and how our feeble attempts at repressing nature’s design can result in a tension I find beautiful and open to exploration. Exploring my own psyche I noticed a conflict: where one part of me was driven by intuition and the other part was governed by structure.”

 Alvarado, on his journey into the discovery of biomechanics as the essence of abstraction, grew fascinated with the simplicity of line and gesture in creating dynamic landscapes of color, form and rhythm. Inspired by the works of Turner, Kandinsky, Matta, he found that within space there was this underlying tension: something wanting to rise out of the nothingness. His present work focuses on these tensions and the unity between the mechanical and biological components of both the depicted entity and the physical evolution of the work itself. “I try to capture the space between these polarities and allude to processes of creation, transformation, and deconstruction. This series of work expresses my emotional journey through the understanding and discovery of biomechanics. I am intrigued by the dichotomy developed by the fluidity of emotion in conjunction with the rigidity of the mechanical process.”