Katie Twiss
Distance and Isolation

July – November, 2013

Katie Twiss is the first artist who has been invited to show her work in The Bank in the series “The Young Ones”. Twiss has recently completed her B.F.A. double major in Printmaking / Creative Writing at the Kansas City Art Institute.


“Distance and Isolation”

Katie Twiss spends a great deal of time “driving long, unnecessary distances for fun,” but her art proves she is not wasting time: her eyes are wide open and her mind is in overdrive.


Her work is meant to address the distance between things. “Whether it is physical distance or mental distance or other kinds of distances, I think that the terrible ugly spaces that occur between people are some of the saddest things in the world,” says Twiss. “We sometimes don’t say the things we are supposed to say to each other and we don’t do the things we are supposed to do for each other. As a result, we don’t create relationships, we break off relationships. We separate.”


She finds that the sparse landscape of the Midwest aptly illustrates a lot of the human feelings she is working with: “There is a very particular kind of emptiness that exists here. The immense stretches of earth and sky mimic the internal distance and isolation a person can feel.”


Twiss has been looking at the way old structures, such as barns, remain even after people stop using them, how hollow they are, and how patient they seem sitting there. “I find it human and relatable,” says Twiss. “I think there is a kind of brutal honesty and earnestness in these structures and objects that stay, and a sort of longing for someone to come back to them. I think the same can be said for people.”


Twiss is from Tulsa, OK, by way of Fremont, CA and Kansas City, MO. The drawings and collages on show, in which thin threads sometimes bridge distances, are accompanied by some of her recent poems.




Laura Berman, artist and Associate Professor of Printmaking at the Kansas City Art Institute, and Ton Haak, President of the Center for Living Education, are Co-curators of the exhibitions in The Bank.