Luke Ball

June 10 - August 3, 2016

Luke Ball is an accomplished artist who explores a broad range of techniques in his drawings and prints: pencil, ink, collage, etching, photolithography, lino cutting, screen printing, and more.  Ideas of persona, character and identity dominate his work, especially as they relate to masculinity.


Ball received his BFA in Printmaking from Emporia State University; he is pursuing his MFA at the University of North Texas in Benton, Texas while spending most of his time in Kansas City.  His work questions cultural customs and social expectations through an exploration of concepts related to American culture, symbolism, masculinity, place, and his personal experience.  

“I create images of isolated and desolate environments which are home to structures that hint at the presence of their creators, but never reveal them.  Elements from my everyday life populate my work.  The objects adorning these landscapes, such as muscle cars, rudimentary wooden scaffolding, construction materials, and domestic objects, are expressions of my personal visual vocabulary.  My work is a symbolic depiction of the social and cultural spaces we occupy in life.  These images explore the decay of social ritual; in particular, how the classic social expectations associated with men are being left behind.”

“My work usually takes the form of prints or drawn collages.  I am interested in connecting the material process to the content of the imagery. Among print processes, I am drawn to etching as a means of connecting a real metal object, the etched copper plate, to the objects in the imagery.  The etched line allows for precision and delicacy, but also relates to the act of corrosion.  The drawn collages allow me to literally construct the image from a set of objects; much like the structures I depict would have to be built in the real world.”