Madeline Gallucci

October – November, 2014

Gallucci’s show is a culmination, rearrangement, assemblage, prototype, apex, and simulacrum of new works created in an office building in downtown Kansas City.

“Because of my interest in the overlooked debris of the city,” says Gallucci, “I strive to understand the anomalies of the urban landscape I inhabit. Through my documentation of patterns in cryptic sidewalk markings, window reflections, neon signs and discarded debris, I begin to investigate the ambiguity of what we recognize as mundane. I bring these experiences into my studio to further dissect their meaning.”

Gallucci’s work explores, dissects, and reinterprets our everyday environment by means of vibrant drawings, whimsical paintings, and digital prints.

5 Oil Slick (Pond Surface)_ Detail