Robert Howsare

August – September, 2014

Robert Howsare (Kansas City, Kansas) presents new drawings, photograms, prints and weavings at The Bank.

His work utilizes and expands upon traditional print processes. He explores anomalies occurring within systems. For example: systems inherent in materials / processes, such as letterpress printing and film, provide an opportunity for intervention through the introduction of variables and create seemingly infinite possibilities from a limited framework.

Howsare says: “My research investigates the limitations of our optical and perceptual systems. Discrepancies occur between actual and perceived vision when certain visual stimuli are encountered. This inability of our eyes to process certain patterns and stimuli can cause the perception of movement within a static image, such as that seen in the moiré pattern. The ‘mistake’ that occurs when our optical systems attempt to process certain visual stimuli is a manifestation of chance operation, much like the moiré pattern, which is an error occurring during the printing process. It is these ‘glitches’ within systems that becomes the focus of my work.” A recipient of a 2012-2013 Charlotte Street Foundation Urban Culture Project Studio Residency, Robert Howsare is an interdisciplinary artist who utilizes nontraditional printmaking matrices and processes. He received his BFA in printmaking in 2009 from the Kansas City Art Institute and graduated with an MFA in printmaking from Ohio University in 2012. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally; selected venues include the Grand Rapids Art Museum, the Austrian Cultural Forum of New York, and the International Print Center of New York. Additionally, Howsare’s work has been recognized by WIRED Magazine, Abitare International Design Magazine, and HOW.