Renovation & Renewal

March 13, 2019

We are entering into a process of remodeling our building.  In 2012, Charlie and Marilyn Wooster graciously gifted us the use of this building rent-free. After six years of operation, it has become necessary to take the next step in preserving and improving what is essentially the last remaining “main street” building in Matfield Green.


Closed for the Winter

December 14, 2017

Thanks to all of our 2017 artists, volunteers, partners, and visitors. See you in April!

New year. New exhibitions. New featured artists. New floor (well, new paint). New sign. New coffee. Come join us.

2016 Program

March 8, 2016

We will start the year with a tribute to Jim Worster, a Matfield Green resident who died in 2014. He will be followed by Chiyoko Myose (Wichita, KS), Luke Ball (Denton, TX), Gregory Folken (Wichita, KS), and artists from the inaugural Tallgrass Artist Residency.

2015 Program

April 1, 2015

We will have solo shows by Adri Luna (Kansas City, Missouri), Corey Antis (Kansas City, Missouri), José Alvarado (Wichita, KS) and Kelly Yarbrough (Topeka, KS).

A series of maps exploring the Flint Hills and Kansas.

Six Flint Hills Maps
Sections with roads on four sides, lakes and ponds
Grassland, ridges, and watersheds
Grassland, ponds, woodland, and towns
Grassland, railroads, and towns
Grassland, highways, airstrips
Grassland, oil fields, lakes, wetlands, and woodlands

37” x 65” each. Oil paint and mixed media on paper base map created from Delorme Kansas Atlas and Gazetteer


2014 Program

March 3, 2014

In 2014 four artists will have solo shows in The Bank. The first one to open is Derek Dobbins (Kansas City, Missouri). He will be followed by Jessica Robles (Visalia, California), Robert Howsare (Kansas City, Kansas) and Madeline Gallucci (Kansas City, Missouri). These four artists follow in the footsteps of Katie Twiss (Tulsa, Oklahoma), the first artist who presented work in The Bank in the series ‘The Young Ones’. The series was started to promote young artists (most of whom have recently graduated at Kansas art schools) and create new opportunities.

2013 Program

July 15, 2013

Katie Twiss (Tulsa, Oklahoma), will be the first in the series ‘The Young Ones’. This series is being started to promote young artists (most of whom have recently graduated at Kansas art schools) and create new opportunities.

The Bank

June 19, 2013

Must see along scenic byway 177 in Chase County.