Connecting people to the earth and each other through art and the Tallgrass Prairie


The Bank Art Space

Signature Project

A space for art, information, and coffee located along the Flint Hills Scenic Byway in Matfield Green.

Tallgrass Artist Residency

Founding Partner

Program of the Kansas Creative Arts & Industries Commission inspired by prairie and place.

Emma Chase Friday Night Music

Fiscal Sponsor

Weekly jam session in Cottonwood Falls celebrating its 20th year.


For a quarter of a century, a small nonprofit called the Center for Living Education has supported arts and community events in Matfield Green and Chase County. In December, the board voted to rename the organization Matfield Green Works.

Matfield Green Works reflects our expanded vision of supporting art works, music works, conservation works, community works, prairie restoration works, regenerative farming works, and just plain good works. It also evokes the strong work ethic that unites our original farming and ranching families and non-agricultural residents. Finally it declares that, in an era when many rural communities are collapsing, Matfield Green works.



Matfield Green Works Board of Directors

Board of Directors

From left: Cindy Hoedel, Derek Hamm, Don Wolfe, Philip Heying, Paula Haas, Bill McBride, and Theresa Van Ackeren. Not pictured: Diana Werts. Photo by Tom Tarnowski.